Saskatchewan (EN)

So I get back on the road after crossing the « border » between Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with a quite bad weather. Hopefully, Audra stopped by on the highway to save me from the thunderstorm and invite me to stay in a very nice cabin which I accepted and I was very thankfull to stay under a roof and dry (and for a very good breakfast too) 🙂


The day after, I went through Melville, a very nice city, and I continued to put up my tent near the Qu’Appelle River on a hill surrounding the valley, quite in the middle of coyotes (but they were more scared than me. I saw one for a very brief moment until he ran away)


Then, the wind from West (headwind), forced me to stop earlier than planned on the transcanada trail, in Katepwa where I met Curtis and Michelle who invited me to stay in their cabin too.


I also get a ride on their truck (with an amazing rear camera) to help me with the hill that I would have to climb and it gaves me some motivations after the rough windy day. I was glad to accept that ride as we were able to have more time to chat with Curtis who was a perfect guide to show me the area.


I then arrived in Regina, the Saskatchewan capital,


in where I stayed at Gordon’s place, contacted on I tried to change the old chain of my bike but without success. I needed to change the chain weel too (no way to go with a chain jumping…) and for that I needed a specific tool for the Rohloff.
I putted back the old chain and decided to order the new parts to be delivered on Calgary. It was another point to decide to go straight there and not going north to Saskatoon and Edmonton in order to have more spare time in the rockies. The chain story took me almost the whole day but still, I was back on the road around 4 pm to go for 40 ks.


I then met John and his old 50 years old Buick and he took me to try the famous Saskatoon berry pie.


and I finally discovered the well known « prairies » ! wide spaces, colors… wonderfull.


You know you are in the prairies when :

  • you actually can listen better the AM frequencies than the FM ones on the radio
  • cars overtaking are taking so long time to disapear in the horizon
  • You see a house quite far and you realize that it is actually a grain elevator at arround 30 km from here
  • you need 5 litters of water with you (and a water filter)
  • you stop for a little chat with the cows
  • you listen to « going up the country » and you are happy


and you take the highway 42 because it’s the answer to the ultimate question of life





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  1. Hehe « Going up the country »!! T’écoutes beaucoup de musique en pédalant?
    Et 42.. c’est pas dans le Guide du Voyageyr Intergalactique? 😀

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