Alberta (EN)

Last step before Alberta, I stop in Eatonia after 154 km (quite a big day as I usually go for approx. 100 ks). I started to bike arround 8 am with east wind and arrived arround 8 pm with headwind. Anne invited me to put up my tent in her backyard and made me a nice  and energetic breakfast in the morning.


The border sign of Alberta is more simple in this secundary highway than in the transcanadian higway, but there is still one 🙂wpid-wp-1439054394301.jpegI decide to stop in an almost abandoned farm before the storms, put up the tent quickly and start making pastas with my stove inside the left opened barn.


The storms came as announced but I wasn’t expected that much of rain, wind gusts, and lightnings. I decided to run for saving my bags left under the tent and I was completly wet in few seconds!

Day off the next day.

The day after, I tried to take some pictures of animals like a wildlife professional photographer (still some work needed)


and that was a coyote I guess ! (well, it looks like he has a TV anthena on his back in this picture…)

and cows are usually following me when a pass by (funny eh)


A lot of pipelines in the area and some pipes stored near the road  wpid-wp-1439054470406.jpeg

having fun however I can, eh ! 🙂

The landscape changes a lot. Sometimes very dry,  some hills, sudently green,…





Tomorrow, Calgary !